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5 Reasons Your Windshield Cracked

1. Gravel Roads: While driving, wheels can kick up gravel from the road and hit your windshield. This is more common if you are directly behind someone on these kinds of unpaved roads. To avoid this, be sure to keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of you.

2. Driving Behind Construction Vehicles: Construction vehicles could have debris, dirt, and other materials in their load. It would be best to avoid driving directly behind a vehicle like this or switch lanes if you can.

3. Poor Glass Construction: If your glass quality was manufactured poorly, then even the smallest things can cause a crack.

4. Poor Installation: If your windshield does not fit the frame correctly then it can become loose and turn into a serious hazard. This can be extremely dangerous on highways when accelerating, causing vibrations in the windshield making it more likely to break.

5. Accidents: Accidents of all kinds cause windshields to break with the force of impact. If you live in a neighborhood with many children, minor accidents can happen like getting hit with a ball or frisbee.

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