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Auto Glass Protection From Debris

Auto glass provides protection from various types of debris, such as rocks, gravel, and other objects that can be thrown up by other vehicles or fall from trucks on the road. This protection is particularly important for the windshield, as it is the primary barrier between the driver and the road.

Auto glass is designed to withstand impacts from small objects like pebbles, and it is typically made of tempered or laminated glass to provide added strength and durability. Tempered glass is heat-treated to make it more resistant to breakage, and it is used for side and rear windows. Laminated glass is made up of layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them, making it more resistant to impact and shattering. Laminated glass is commonly used for windshields.

In addition to the strength of the glass itself, there are several other features that can help protect auto glass from debris:

Windshield wipers: Windshield wipers help to clear the windshield of rain, snow, and other debris, making it easier to see the road ahead.

Wind deflectors: Wind deflectors, also known as bug shields, can be installed on the front of a vehicle to help deflect debris away from the windshield and hood.

Protective films: Clear protective films can be applied to the windshield and other windows to help prevent chips and cracks from forming due to debris impacts.

Safe following distance: Maintaining a safe following distance from other vehicles can help reduce the risk of debris impacts on the windshield and other windows.

It is important to address any damage to auto glass promptly to ensure optimal protection from debris and other hazards on the road. Even small chips and cracks can compromise the integrity of the glass. Santa Barbara’s Tri County Auto Glass can fix small chips and cracks in your windshield, and replace more damaged windshields.

For windshield replacement and all auto glass repairs in Santa Barbara County, Goleta, Montecito, Lompoc, or Santa Maria call Tri County Auto Glass at (805) 963-6200 or visit us at 526 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

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